Rudraksha Exhibition : 2015 October 31st to November 8th at KTDC Chaithram Hotel, Thirvuanathapuram.

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What is Rudraksha ?

Rudraksha is a seed of a tree named Rudraksha. This tree is big as a Champaka (champa) tree. Rudraksha is nearly round in shape, but according to the increase in face, its shape becomes oval. The bead Rudraksha covered with its fruit. When growing, the Rudraksha’s colour remain green, and in maturity, it becomes bright blue or violet.The seed having different divitions in its body. There is an original seed inside the division carrying just like a catridge. This is called as faces or Mukhis.Our old epics explains one face to Thirty eight face Rudraksha but now a times

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Rudraksha Kavacham

Kavacham is a sanskrit term, which means the armour. An armour will protect the wearer both in conscious and unconscious. Likewise, A Rudraksha Kavacham protects the wearer in material, mental and spiritual aspects alike. As mentioned before, each faceted Rudraksha bead represents particular planets and forms of God or Devathas. For a perfect gain or target, one needs the grace and might of various Planets or Devathas a like.